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Neonatal incubator
from standard to intensive care

Incubator SHELLY is already the fourth generation of newborn stationary incubators of TSE production. It is intended for both intermediate and intensive care. As a  modern medical product it provides high comfort for both the patient and healthcare personnel. Incubators are very variable and can be supplemented with a number of optional accessories. The great advantage of SHELLY is the low noise level in the patient space –  38 dB only. Vital signs monitoring is optionally ensured by integrated Masimo Rainbow SET, which represents the top on the monitoring system market.

Key features


  • Control panel with colour 9″ LED display visible from long distances
  • Absolute safety is provided by two independent processors and a sophisticated alarm system
  • The noise level in the patient’s space is only 38 dB
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection, possibility of autoclave sterilization of the humidifier chamber
  • Adjustable bed, extensible to both sides, can be rotated by 45° at the patient´s head
  • Air curtain, drawer for X-ray cassette, dual temperature probes
  • Masimo Rainbow SET

Optional Complementary Accessories

  • Dual temperature probes
  • Oxygen regulation
  • Monitoring of vital signs by MASIMO
  • Integrated weighing scale
  • Complete double plexiglass cover
  • Holder of hoses for ventilation, suction and food supply
  • Examination light
  • IRIS hand port
  • Infusion hooks
  • Shelfs and rails for additional devices
  • Closed storage boxes on the lower part – 2 pcs
  • Backup power
  • Choice of one-sided or double-sided pedals for adjustable height of undercarriage
  • Antistatic wheels
  • Newborn positioning aids



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