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Transport incubator

The solid structure of the incubator is designed to resist the strains of transportation and to absorb impacts. Undercarriages for transportation by an ambulance or for transport within hospital facilities.

The transparent double cover ensures thermal insulation properties and provides the health care staff with optimum visibility, for example during examination by integrated LED light.

Key features

  • It maintains stable climatic conditions (air temperature, oxygen concentration, humidity) during the patient transport
  • Two independent processors and a sophisticated alarm system
  • Double transparent cover
  • Optical and acoustic signalling of key parameters via alarm system
  • Power from the internal energy source of the incubator (for at least 4 hours), possibility to be powered from a car battery or from standard mains
  • Automatic charging of internal batteries when connected to a network
  • Possibility of  fitting with additional devices such as vital signs monitor, ventilator etc.
  • Safety belts and a special anti-stress mattress guarantee the child’s safety and comfort


PNT type carriage for transport within hospitals

Standard carriage for transporting in ambulances

Compact carriage enabling easy handling in hospital facilities, easily controllable, suitable for transporting from the delivery room to the ward.

Standard undercarriage for transporting in an ambulance.

Optional Accessories

  • LED examination light
  • Fixing belts
  • IV pole with shelf and infusion holder
  • Cotton blanket



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